Unmanned Systems

American Robot Company (AMBOT) develops unmanned systems for commercial, industrial and defense applications.


AMBOT's Shadow technology enables unmanned vehicles to maneuver seamlessly with users. Whether Shadow leads the way or follows in the footsteps, minimal interaction is required from the user allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

GPS Denied Navigation

Being able to navigate in GPS denied environments is critical for industrial robotic applications. AMBOT's GPS Denied Navigation solutions allow unmanned vehicles to navigate indoor paths safely and repeatedly.

GPS Navigation

AMBOT's GPS Navigation solutions enable vehicles to follow preplanned paths or guide them on the fly with an easy to operate OCU.


AMBOT enables unmanned vehicles of all sizes to convoy together. With this technology, only one leader needs the intelligence to navigate through the world, while the rest of the fleet simply follows.


AMBOT's teleoperation solutions provide the means for users to remotely control unmanned system in any environement. With scaleable connectivity solutions, we can provide remote access from across the room or across the country.

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