Intelligent Platforms

AMBOT is an industry leader in mobile platform technologies. We offer a variety of platform configurations that come standard with features to make them the most versatile, easy to configure and operate systems on the market. Attributes like open architecture, four-wheel steering, heavy payload capabilities and high speeds make AMBOT platforms a top choice for military, industrial and research operations.

Standard features include:

  • open architecture
  • easy configuration through web browser
  • long battery life
  • exportable power
  • high speeds
  • high payload ratios
  • all-weather operation
  • detailed actuator and system feedback
  • built in data logging
  • failsafe emergency stop

So yesterday after charging the batteries we took the platform out for a spin. And that was great I must say. Bumps, slopes, bumps on slopes, steps, sand,.. no problem at all. This is very promising for our planned application.

Frank van der Hulst Robotics Engineer, European Space Agency

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